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Accounting and financial services have come a long way over the years. What started out as a service for the super rich, with accountants using mere rocks to run their numbers in ancient times, has become smarter and much more inclusive.

Whatever your position – as a business owner or individual – and whether you need accounting and tax services or a hand with superannuation, everyone has help today in managing their finances.

Ashfords exists solely to help businesses and people in Melbourne’s south-east corridor. Our accountants in Dandenong and Dingley are able to provide their knowledge, skills and expertise in all things finance directly to you.

But do you need an accountant in Dingley or Dandenong? Here is a quick rundown of our services for businesses and individuals, which explains why, for most people, the answer will be “yes!”

Why choose a business accountant?

Accountants came into being because not many business owners centuries ago had the mathematical skills to manage their own finances. From fishermen to bakers, they would take their money from the market to their accountant to avoid making a mistake with their taxes – and getting punished.

Today, much has changed. We’re all far more educated, but running a business has become incredibly more complex, meaning modern-day accounting firms have thrived. From startups to larger corporations, a business accountant is on your side to manage all your accounting needs – and more.

After all, companies now have access to business advisory services as part of their typical accounting services, giving them both an adviser and consultant, not just a bean counter. This is a stance we take at Ashfords: we aim to make your company succeed.

Our business accounting services include:

  • Taxation
  • Bookkeeping
  • Superannuation
  • Business valuations
  • Audits
  • Business insurance
  • Business advisory
  • And more

By choosing your local accountant in Dandenong or Dingley, you’ll always have someone nearby to be your expert in the complicated financial landscape.

The role of cloud accounting

Speaking of modern-day accounting, technology plays a bigger role than ever before. The emergence of big data gives us the potential to make highly informed decisions, while cloud accounting software helps to manage that information on a daily basis.

However, how do you know the data you’re using is clean and accessible to the right people in the right locations? That’s something your accountant can help you with, improving your ability to set-up and enter data into your chosen cloud accounting platform.

Ashfords is a leading accounting firm, using technology to provide much of our advantage. We can analyse your business data and help you find a competitive advantage. If you’re in the cloud, we can do this for you from anywhere and at any time, whatever business cycle or stage you are in.

What your accountant can do for you as an individual

Accounting isn’t all about businesses; as part of your wealth creation, you’ll want someone on your side to personally advise and guide you in the right way. Whether it’s helping you with your personal taxation or your self-managed super fund (SMSF) an accountant can be invaluable.

The reason so many people use a personal accountant is for the huge advantages they can offer. Sure, you can try and manage your finances yourself, but with complex legal requirements, hefty penalties should you get anything wrong and the sheer time needed to do your own accounting, it’s understandable that many people turn to a qualified professional.

Instead of going alone into the financial wilderness, get in touch with our accountants in Dingley or Dandenong. We can help you create a wealth management strategy that’s suited to your lifestyle. When tax time comes along, put your feet up and let our accountants do the hard yards for you.
Again, we know you’re different, and we will tailor our services for you. However, a general view of our services includes:

  • Retirement and superannuation
  • Investment advice
  • Personal insurance (life insurance and income protection)
  • Aged care advice and Centrelink
  • Estate planning

With an expert set of eyes and ears, you know you’ll be on top of all your legal requirements, helping you to avoid the fines and penalties that affect so many people.

Your partner for all your accounting needs

So, why choose Ashfords? We offer our clients – whether business or personal – a full-service offering that includes all our accounting skills and resources. Instead of going to a business advisor in Dandenong and a tax accountant in Dingley, we can offer everything you need in a location that’s best for you.

We’re also a member of AGN International, one of the largest associations of Independent Accounting Firms in the world.

Ashfords powerful international network through AGN International enable us to access over 200 accounting and audit firms across 90 countries, providing our clients with an enhanced level of value and scope of the services we can offer you – where ever your business may take you!

All of AGN International’s independent member firms are so much more than number-crunching accountants & auditors – they are strategic thinkers and visionaries with big ideas for helping clients improve their businesses.

If you have any questions about how we can help you, we encourage you to get in touch. Using our technology-focused accounting model, driven by our highly experienced accountants, we’re sure we can get the most out of your financial situation.

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