25 06, 2019

From the CEO’s Desk: Managing your super this end of financial year

The Coalition Government has been re-elected in the 2019 Federal Election, with a small majority of seats in the House of Representatives, after taking a policy of stability for superannuation to the election. After the introduction of the significant legislative changes which came into effect on 1 July 2017, you may be relieved to hear

17 04, 2019

The Major Parties’ Superannuation and Tax Policies

Author: Calvin McLeod Ashfords Superannuation Manager The federal election has been called for May 18 and both major parties have outlined their superannuation and tax policies. With the federal election only weeks away, many of our clients have been asking what the major political parties’ policies are, that may impact their SMSF, individual taxation circumstances

29 10, 2018

Superannuation: Australia braces SMSF member limit increase

In late April 2018, then federal minister for revenue and financial services Kelly O'Dwyer issued an announcement [1] declaring an expansion of the limit on the maximum number of members that are able to comprise a self-managed superannuation fund (SMSF). The raise – from four to six – was implemented by the then Turnbull Government

14 11, 2016

Is your retirement going to be super?

Your superannuation fund might just be the key to retiring early and comfortably. Is the average Australian doing enough to grow and manage theirs?

29 06, 2016

What does Brexit mean for your SMSF?

The actions of nations on the other side of the world could create uncertainty for the future of your retirement. What is your best defence against it?