17 04, 2019

The Major Parties’ Superannuation and Tax Policies

Author: Calvin McLeod Ashfords Superannuation Manager The federal election has been called for May 18 and both major parties have outlined their superannuation and tax policies. With the federal election only weeks away, many of our clients have been asking what the major political parties’ policies are, that may impact their SMSF, individual taxation circumstances

30 01, 2019

Claiming R&D Tax Offsets in Australia – Times Have Changed

Research and development – or, R&D, as it is more commonly known as – refers to a set of innovative activities undertaken in an effort to develop entirely new products or services (or improve upon those that already exist). Which entities perform R&D? A lot, actually. Be they from the realm of enterprise, government, or

8 08, 2018

ATO to Target Lax Tax Agents, Australian Taxpayers After $8.7b Tax Gap Blight

Small business owners. Rogue tax practitioners. Uninformed taxpayers. Rental property owners. Such taxpayers have long managed to avoid consequence for partially-correct tax returns. Finally, it seems the Australian government has acknowledged the extent to which individuals are undermining its principal revenue collection agency – the Australian Taxation Office (ATO) Fresh off a funding windfall from

1 12, 2016

ATO cracks down on tax avoidance

Paying tax legally is even more important thanks to the establishment of an ATO tax task force. How can you ensure you stay on the right side of tax law?

1 12, 2016

3 common tax return mistakes to avoid

Very few business owners enjoy doing their taxes. We've complied three common tax return mistakes to make sure yours is as stress-free as possible.