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2019 Australian Federal Election: What You Should Know

With the 2019 Australian federal election just days away, we at Ashford’s thought it’d be worthwhile putting together a blog post outlining how each major political party is addressing the various hot-button issues from a policy standpoint.


“You should keep more of what you earn, because your money is better off in your hands than the government’s. We believe, as Liberals and Nationals, that you know what is right for you, your family and your business.” – Scott Morrison (Leader, Liberal Party of Australia)

Industrial relations

Climate change

“This has got to be a climate change election because we’re running out of time.” – Richard Di Natale (Leader, Australian Greens)



“This election is about you, the Australian people, it’s about you, your family, your health.”– Bill Shorten (Leader, Australian Labor Party)



The 2019 Australian federal election will be held on May 18th. Elected parliamentary members will constitute the 46thParliament of Australia. For more information, please visit the website of the Australian Electoral Commission (AEC).

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