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Business Support Program


2020 was a challenging time for many Australian businesses, with ongoing uncertainty about COVID and its impact on the economy. Although we have begun to return to a COVID Normal, the impact of the pandemic is still being felt.

While some accountants just focus on the numbers when their clients ask for improvement advice and support; we take a different approach at Ashfords. We want to identify the cause and address the problem. To do this, we look at your whole business, not just the numbers.

Our Business Support Program is a unique advisory service we offer to small, SME and multi-owner businesses to design and action a strategic plan developed specifically for their business, to de-risk and ultimately enable them to run a better business.

Broken down into manageable Stages and Steps, participants in the program can undertake just Stage 1 or continue on to the comprehensive Stage 2 to take full advantage of the expert advice and support available to achieve financial security and grow your business. 

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Stage 1: Business Action Plan

Stage 1 of the program delivers clear plan of action, a timeline and an outline of the resources you’ll need to be successful in four practical steps.
Active tailored support to help you to successfully deliver your Business Action Plan is then available in Stage 2 of our Business Support Program. 

Step 1:  Business risk survey
Complete our Business Risk Survey and download a personalised Scorecard that will highlight the key areas of risk in your business.

Step 2:  Risk and value driver assessment
Conduct a comprehensive review of qualitative risk and value drivers that affect your business performance via a simple online questionnaire. You will receive a report covering:

• Industry trends
• Benchmarks & KPIs
• Growth, Risks & Competition
• Systems & Technology
• Ownership, Staff & Customers
• Value, Finance & Succession/Estate Planning

Step 3:  SWOT workshop and analysis
A face-to-face workshop with you and your team  to examine your business strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats (SWOT). A key outcome of the workshop is to create a shared vision to improve the performance of your business.

Step 4:  Business action plan
After your SWOT Workshop you will receive a personalised Business Action Plan providing you with clear steps and priorities to manage your cashflow and business. The plan also features:
     • Benchmarking your risk score against similar businesses
     • A SWOT analysis
     • Business improvement strategies
     • Comments and observations

You will walk away from Stage 1 with a clear plan of action, a timeline and an outline of the resources you’ll need to be successful.

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Stage 2: Board of Advice

The Board of Advice (BoA) Program supports SMEs to grow the value of their business with personalised support where the business needs it most. With regular access to expert advice in how to take the business to the next level, the Program allows owners to address their key strategic and operational challenges while developing their own internal business management skills. The key outcome is the successful implementation of growth, value improvement and succession planning strategies supported by independent and objective advice from a trusted team of experts.

The Board of Advice stage of the program includes:

Business valuation
As a business owner, your wealth and wellbeing are inextricably linked to your business. It is your source of income, your most important asset and frequently its sale will fund your retirement. So why do many business owners not know the real commercial value of their business, or understand how to maximise its value?

We value your business at the start of our engagement to determine its true value and identify value improvement opportunities.

Regular meetings
Using formal face to face meetings the BoA addresses your priorities by developing and documenting Agendas, Minutes and Action Plans to implement your chosen goals and strategies.

Financial performance management
We support BoA meetings with in-depth analysis of key profit, cash flow and value drivers including:
     • Establishment, management and review of annual profit and loss and cash flow budgets
     • Profit/cash flow optimisation analysis
     • Review of Financial & Industry Benchmarks
     • Review of Bank and other key Stakeholder commitments

Strategic, operational and governance matters
The BoA provides a structured decision making process. Regular attention to management issues, with external input reduces business risks and threats and ensures urgent matters are addressed.

Maximise your sale price
The BoA provides support to implement ‘best practice’ procedures and develop internal skills so your business can operate without you. This allows you to prepare your business for sale, or your exit from day to day operations.
Demonstrated value of program - business revaluation
We will revalue your business on the anniversary of our engagement to show you how the BoA service has increased the value of your business. We then update your net worth to highlight the growth in your wealth and reduced value gap risk.

Our BoA Program empowers you to take control of your future by growing the value of your business.

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