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Estate Planning

You spend your life making plans for the everyday and for your future. But have you made plans for what will happen when you are gone?

Leave a legacy

Although it is uncomfortable thinking about the future without you in it, being prepared and having these conversations today can avoid unnecessary stress and costs for your loved ones at a very emotional time.

We work with you, your solicitor and/or accountant to develop the right strategies and get things in order, so you know whatever happens, your family are in safe hands.


Your comprehensive estate plan includes any combination of a:

Legal Will – ensure your wishes are clearly documented

Power of Attorney – formally appoint someone to look after your finances in the event of a ‘legal incapacity’, e.g. loss of mental capacity, (temporary or permanent).

Testamentary Trusts – may be built into your Will and lie dormant until you pass on. Testamentary trusts can provide security and tax efficiency for a surviving family in the event of an early death.

Enduring Guardianship – formally appointing a person who can make certain lifestyle and medical decisions on your behalf, in the event of totally or partial incapacity.

Don't leave decisions that directly impact you, your family and your situation in the hands of fate.

Take control today and leave a legacy that makes you proud


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