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Training and development

At Ashfords, we pride ourselves on being experts in our respective fields and value professional growth in our teams. In support of the pursuit of knowledge, we offer a range of learning opportunities: from technical training to interpersonal, communication and leadership skills development. 

Trusted Advisor Program

The Trusted Advisor Program enables team members to build their client consulting skills and strengthen existing working relationships.

Through practical training exercises and guided sessions, participants learn skills and strategies to progress their careers to the next stage.

Real-world experience, support from senior managers and resources are provided to participants so they can become the best possible advisors for our clients.

Performance Partnering

Working relationships between individuals and their managers are essential to feeling connected and understood in the workplace. 

We host 180-degree performance partnering sessions to strengthen these relationships, encourage a better understanding of each other, to give and receive feedback and raise any concerns if needed.

These conversations are casual, which welcomes constructive talk and invites positive change to improve the experience of each team member.

Training and study

Our internal training programs are included as part of everyone's employment. Programs are delivered via a blend of face-to-face, facilitated online and self-paced learning sessions.

We encourage our team members to enrol in external training and cover the associated costs. This can include CA or CPA Programs, or other approved study; plus we provide an additional four days paid Study Leave per annum. 

Also, relevant professional membership fees are covered. 

Career Advancement

The Ashfords Career Progression Guide outlines expectations for every role, from graduate to partner, and provides a clear path for professional advancement.

Every team member can be inspired to become the master of their career and achieve their goals, knowing they have the guidance and training available from Ashfords to support them.

What our team say about working at Ashfords

Having a leader that genuinely understands the unique contribution that each person brings is the' secret weapon' to building a great team culture. My manager does just that and treats every person as she would like to be treated. She trusts us to do our best work and generously shares her leadership and expertise when we need extra help. It's a real privilege to work with a leader like mine!
Rebecca Client Services

I joined Ashfords in January 2020 as a Client Services Coordinator and am planning to transition into an accounting role when I complete my studies. I feel very fortunate to have partnered with an organisation that encourages and supports my professional development.

Julie Client Services

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