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Personal Insurance

If life threw you a nasty 'what-if' would you and your family be okay?

Protect what you love

Would you be able to pay your bills, cover your debts or any medical costs and continue to support your family at a time they need it most?

We’ve seen too many families end up in financial turmoil that could have been prevented. 

They’ve had to make painful changes like selling the family home, uprooting the kids from their friendly neighbourhood or sacrificing the enjoyable things in life… all because the bank account ran dry.

That’s why it’s prudent to control what you can by making sure you have appropriate and adequate personal insurances in place, so life’s unexpected events don’t ruin you financially.  

Our role is to:

Assist you selecting the most suitable and affordable insurance cover for your situation

Review your policies on a regular basis to ensure they remain appropriate

Support and manage the arduous process on your behalf in the event of a claim.

That should help you and your family sleep a little better at night.

We pride ourselves on not being aligned to any one insurance provider.

This allows us to provide you with advice on a range of personal insurance including:

Life insurance

Income protection

Total and Permanent Disability (TPD)

Trauma insurance (aka critical illness insurance)

Personal Insurance Fact Sheet

Business insurance

Why use an Insurance Specialist?

Do you understand all the fine print in any of your personal insurance policies and know exactly what you’re covered for? If not, that’s where we can help.

You might think:
"I’m cluey enough to understand what my car insurance covers. What’s so different about personal insurance (life insurance, income protection, TPD, critical illness)?"

It’s about understanding the implications of each policy, so you know exactly what you’re covered for and can make informed choices. It’s our job, as an insurance specialist, to understand the nitty gritty of different policies and all the associated options. Personal insurances are more complicated than car and home insurance. And it’s not just about knowing what the words mean. We can help you interpret the detail so there’s no surprises when it really matters.

Risk Specialist Fact Sheet

Trigger Events Fact Sheet

It's better to have insurance protection and not need it - than to need it and not be covered.


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