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These are challenging times for all, the new normal never seems to be defined, as we all work towards trying to protect the health and wellbeing of our colleagues and family members. A COVIDSafe plan is a key essential for any business, while it may constantly evolve, there are three areas as a minimum that it needs to address.

So, it’s that time again and you have an audit coming up…? We’ve spoken with our audit team to get some insight into how to make the process run smoothly and to turn audit time into your favourite time of year!

You are invited to participate in our Forging Ahead program, designed to support your business right now. Why Forging Ahead? Because this is what we want to help our clients to do; to make progress, become more successful, to see an increase in their business value and achieve their goals. We want to help you forge ahead despite these uncertain economic times.

An important update for businesses who have enrolled for JobKeeper or are planning to enrol.
The ATO has released details of the 3 steps to be completed to successfully receive the JobKeeper payment.