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Business Insurance

In business, sometimes things don't go to plan. Sometimes the unexpected happens. The question is: what happens next?

Tim Kay

Insurance Advisor

Tim Kay, Ashfords Senior Risk Advisor

With more than 20 years experience as a Financial Advisor focused on risk assessment, Tim ensures his clients have appropriate plans in place to protect their business, families and future.


It's better to have insurance protection and not need it - than to need it and not be covered.

"Know your endgame, make a plan and revisit it every few years to ensure it still reflects your ultimate goal."

As a business owner, it is crucial that you have a plan in place for both intended and unintended exits. Having a Succession Plan or Exit Strategy is one vital component, and the second is having the right insurance in place to protect what you have worked so hard for.

Whether you are in business by yourself, or with a business partner, consider:

What happens to your business if you are forced to exit due to disability, illness or death?

What happens to the value of your business if something happens to you or your business partner?

How will your family get paid or get their share of the business?

Do you want to run your business with your business partner's spouse or child?

What happens if your business partner can’t buy out your share?

What happens if you lose a key person in the business?

What happens when the other party want dividends and are not prepared to contribute?

There are a range of solutions we can help you with to ensure you and your business is protected.

Buy / Sell Insurance Fact Sheet

Business Expense Insurance Fact Sheet

Key Person Insurance Fact Sheet

Why use an Insurance Specialist?

Do you understand all the fine print in any of your personal insurance policies and know exactly what you’re covered for? If not, that’s where we can help.

You might think:
"I’m cluey enough to understand what my car insurance covers. What’s so different about personal insurance (life insurance, income protection, TPD, critical illness)?"

It’s about understanding the implications of each policy, so you know exactly what you’re covered for and can make informed choices. It’s our job, as an insurance specialist, to understand the nitty gritty of different policies and all the associated options. Personal insurances are more complicated than car and home insurance. And it’s not just about knowing what the words mean. We can help you interpret the detail so there’s no surprises when it really matters.

Risk Specialist Fact Sheet

Trigger Events Fact Sheet


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