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Ashfords is implementing new systems: Introducing FuseSign and ATO SmartDocs

Ashfords have recently decided to move to a streamlined easy-to-use electronic signing platform via FuseSign, and a new ATO client mail system called ATO SmartDocs. One of our highest priorities is getting documentation out to our clients as quickly and securely as possible and with FuseSign and ATO SmartDocs we can achieve both of these while providing you with the best experience possible.

What is ATO SmartDocs?

ATO SmartDocs is a convenient mail service that enables us to download all ATO mail on behalf of our clients and distribute it efficiently. 

Some of the benefits of this service is as follows:

FuseSign: What does this mean for you? 

Within FuseSign we have set you up with your contact details including your mobile number. Mobile numbers are important in the FuseSign process as this acts as your authenticator when signing your documentation.

Once we have prepared your document bundle within the new platform there are a few simple steps to review and sign.  Follow the steps or watch this short video to be guided through

  1. Firstly you’ll receive a document bundle link via an Email. This will come from a FuseSign email address on behalf our office.
  2. In the body of the email there will be a link to open your secure document bundle.
  3. You will then be presented with an online view of your documents to review and digitally sign.
  4. Click the Sign Document Button and to validate you are signing the documents you will receive a personal SMS verification code to your mobile number for you to enter.
  5. Now that your documents have been authorised and signed you will receive an automated email as soon as all parties have finalised their signing actions in the bundle.


Going forward we see Digital Signing via FuseSign as a quick and simple way to deliver and have you approve and sign documents.  We are still very happy to sit down with you to sign your documentation or post your documentation if that is what you would prefer.

Please note that in the initial stages of your use of FuseSign, emails may be directed to your junk or spam folder. This issue should resolve itself through your continued use of the software, as your mail client will recognise the sender as a trusted contact.

If at any time you are unsure how to proceed with signing your document bundle, have any questions about the information you’ve supplied please call our office and we’ll more than happy to assist.


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What’s this new tax:

On 20 March 2024, the Victorian State Government introduced the Commercial and Industrial Property Tax Reform Bill 2024 ( The Bill is expected to become law and to take effect from 1 July 2024.

The Victorian Government, as announced in the 2023-24 Budget,  is progressively abolishing stamp duty on commercial and industrial property and replacing it with an annual tax.

The annual tax, to be known as the Commercial and Industrial Property Tax (CIPT), will be set at 1% of the property’s unimproved land value.

The tax will replace land transfer duty (stamp duty) that is currently payable on the improved value of the land when you purchase or acquire a commercial or industrial property in Victoria.

The new tax system will start to apply to commercial and industrial property if the property is transacted on or after 1 July 2024.


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