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Soaring through the cloud with BizTech

The year is 2021, the global pandemic has forced businesses to respond to issues lying dormant in their systems and accelerated the need to future proof the way in which they use technology. Our resident experts at BizTech know firsthand the importance of using up to date integrated software to make managing your business easier. Basically, they’re here to help our clients work smarter and not harder.

The rush for efficient operations in a pandemic environment has left a significant number of businesses scrambling for solutions to continue working effectively. Some businesses have found themselves stuck in old antiquated systems that are not only slowing progress but affecting cash flow. So the question thousands of businesses are facing and struggling to answer is - where do I start?

Cloud based computer systems offer a range of advantages that businesses normally would not be able to afford if not for the cloud. Advantages like extra computing power, potential unlimited storage and centralised data all help businesses who use computing systems daily. Data entry and integration between systems becomes a breeze. Almost all systems and databases are accessible on mobile platforms, and if something goes wrong, using Cloud based storage ensures that valuable data is kept safe.

Basic elements of so many businesses, such as time-sheeting; can be moved from manual systems requiring multiple people to handle the data to cloud based systems, that speaks to other areas of the business, such as payroll or HR. Manual entry of orders, such as a food service business, can be moved to digital ordering systems which speaks to the kitchen and to the accounts payable system. And so on.

Ashfords BizTech differentiates themselves from a typical I.T. company through their unique service offering and knowledge of accounting systems. Instead of leaving clients with half-baked or inappropriate solutions with little support or training, Ashfords BizTech team ensures that each client is treated with upmost care throughout the entire process of creating and implementing a curated solution to the client’s unique situation.

The BizTech team walks through the client’s current I.T facilities and composes a custom plan for the client to solve potential and current problems the client may be facing. The process also goes through implementation, where the team will educate staff through the newly installed processes and ensure a beneficial adoption rate.

Businesses in 2021 need broad spectrum, tailored solutions in order to be able to future proof their business and operate efficiently. Ashfords’ BizTech team consistently ensures that each business is set with the technology and processes to launch them into the next age of small to medium business computing, all set upon the cloud.

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